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Gabriella Calò Siegel, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist - PSY 24517 - (424) 234-6169

The Eating Disorders Group is a weekly DBT skills training group for individuals who suffer from eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating and related difficulties.

The Eating Disorders group meets in West Los Angeles at:

2288 Westwood Blvd (between Pico and Santa Monica)

on Saturday afternoons from 1:00pm – 2:30pm.

I am seeking motivated clients that are interested in joining our Eating Disorders group as a supplement to their own personal work in individual therapy. Our next Eating Disorders group has a maximum of ten participants maximum, and once started, will run closed for ten weeks. The fee is $100 per session and clients will be asked to pay before the start of each meeting.

During our weekly sessions we will teach, model, and role play skills from each of the DBT skills training modules:

· Mindfulness Skills:

improve awareness, increase capacity to derive pleasure in the moment, reduce emotional distress associated with living in the past, and increase capacity to control one’s own mind.

· Distress Tolerance Skills:

focused on learning how to tolerate unavoidable pain in life, crisis survival, self-soothing, acceptance, and coping tools.

· Emotion Regulation Skills:

aimed at reducing vulnerability to negative emotions by identifying, describing, and understanding them, as well as building positive experiences, mastery, and learning to let go, thus increasing capacity to experience joy and pleasure.

· Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills:

communication skills targeted on improving relationships, how to express wants effectively, assertiveness, how to reinforce boundaries, and negotiate needs in gentle, mindful ways that preserve self-respect.

I ask that all Eating Disorders Group clients already be working with their own individual therapist as a pre-requisite for participation in the group. Clients will be given consent forms notifying their personal therapist of the clients’ participation in the group and requesting that therapist’s approval of such participation.

Please call or email for more information, or to register for the next available class or private session.