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Gabriella Calò Siegel, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist - PSY 24517 - (424) 234-6169

I am particularly proud of my specialized Anger Management Program, Anger Detox. This is a 10-week program, that meets once a week on the westside of Los Angeles. The program provides anger education, coping tools, communications skills, stress management, and if needed, psychotherapy to help individuals make sense of their sometimes overwhelming emotions, and manage excessive, problematic anger that may be negatively impacting their lives.

This program is ideal for individuals:

  • Experiencing intense or frequent anger and irritability that is harming their health and relationships.
  • Lacking effective tools to calm their bodies and their minds when under stress.
  • Needing improvement communicating annoyance, irritation, and frustration. Seeking to end the cycle of inter-generational trauma created by volatile family dynamics.
  • Suffering from guilt, shame and depression from "stuffed" anger.
  • Who are court-mandated, or employer-mandated to seek anger management.
  • Who want to help their children and teens learn to handle uncomfortable emotions.
  • Whose anger is creating problems in the workplace.
  • Whose tempers have led to legal, financial, relationship, or family issues.

The goal of the anger management program is for participants to:

  1. Recognize the signs, symptoms, triggers that are specific to them.
  2. Identify distortions in their thinking that promote unnecessary anger.
  3. Learn effective ways to disagree and communicate dissatisfaction.
  4. Improve understanding, stress management, and empathy skills.

For more information on Class Schedules, Curiculum, and Fees visit