Gabriella Calò Siegel, Psy.D. - Clinical Psychologist -  (424) 234-6169
Professional Services

In addition to direct clinical practice, I team up with physicians, clinicians, educators, corporations, consumers and community groups to improve the mental and emotional health of all types of people. These services can be custom made to suit your needs or offered as in-service programs, private training sessions, psycho-educational seminars or workshops.  Professional services include work with:

• CLINICIANS: Supervision, Case Conceptualization, Continuing Education Workshops 

• COMMUNITY GROUPS: Parenting Classes, Active Fatherhood, Grief & Trauma Groups, Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Assertiveness Training, Eating Disorders, Military and Family Life Consulting (MFLC)

• EMPLOYERS & CORPORATIONS: Administration of Psychological & Personality Testing, Personnel Communication, Business Relationship Mediation, Contract Negotiation (building productive relationships), Diversity Communication & Teamwork, Individual Corporate Coaching

• EDUCATORS: Academic Excellence Programs, Bullying & Conflict Resolution, Recognize & Respond to Eating Disorders, Teacher Trainings, Classroom Management with 1:1 Shadow Aids, Identifying Students in Crisis (learning disabilities, trauma, abuse, pregnancy, teen violence), Creating Behavioral Plans, Neuropsychological Testing

• PHYSICIANS & MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: Diagnoses: A Psychosocial & Cultural Perspective, Integrative Health: How Psychological & Behavioral Factors Influence Health

For more information on these or any other services you may be in need of please feel free to phone or email me with your questions.
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