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As Clinical Director of the professional firm, Psychological Context Consulting, I'm very happy to announce our own Anger Management Program, now accepting enrollment in both our West Los Angeles and Glendale locations.

Our anger management counselors provide anger education, coping tools, life skills, and if needed, psychotherapy to help individuals make sense of their sometimes overwhelming emotions, and manage excessive, problematic anger that may be negatively impacting their lives. 

Our anger management model of intervention is used and accepted in courts, probation departments, hospitals, mental health facilities, substance abuse facilities, major corporations, governmental agencies and private practices. Our model uses proven and effective techniques to teaching clients skills they can implement directly to control anger, aggression and violence.  This program is ideal for individuals: 

• Whose tempers have led to legal, financial, or family issues.
• Who have been court ordered to take Anger Management.
• Needing improvement communicating annoyance, irritation, and frustration that can lead to explosive anger or violence.
• Desiring to overcome guilt, shame and depression related to "stuffing" anger.
• Need to manage anger or potential violence in the workplace
• Want to help children and teens learn to manage their anger.
• Lacking effective tools to calm their bodies and their minds when under stress. 

The basic objectives of our Anger Management Program are to:

1. Recognize the signs, symptoms and impact of anger
2. Identify distortions in thinking that promote anger
3. Teach clients proven effective skills to both understand and manage their anger.
4. Practice communication, stress management, and empathy skills. 

In addition to serving individuals who have been court ordered to an Anger Management Program, we also provide services tailored to business owners, physicians, attorneys, and executives, all of whom face occupation-specific anger management challenges. These 
services can significantly improve the lives of anybody who is ready to take control of their anger and be more in control of their emotions.  
Class Schedules and Fees: 

Anger Management Registration is 1hr.  $70 

1 hr. low fee anger management group sessions are facilitated by certified anger management coaches. $30 

1hr anger management group classes by pre-licensed clinicians. $70 

Workbook and materials $40 

Executive Coaching is for those who prefer to meet with an anger management therapist individually. 

Dr. Gabriella Calò Siegel $200.00
Licensed Clinical Psychologist 

Dr. Gabriella Ochoa Del Gaudio $200.00
Licensed Clinical Psychologist 

Dr. Roza Zograbyan $150.00
Pre-licensed Professional Psychologist 

Mona Bahgat $80.00
Certified Anger Management Professional

Please call or email for more information, or to register for the next available class or private session.
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