Gabriella Calò Siegel, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist - PSY 24517 - (424) 234-6169


There are many reasons to seek therapy. People often come for help with the common challenges of fear, anxiety, depression, substance-use, life transitions, difficulty in relationships, body and self esteem issues.

The ultimate purpose of therapy is often to resolve whatever is in the way of you having a better life. Considering therapy is, in itself, an act of hope.


I passionately believe that for therapy to be effective, a person first needs to feel safe and experience unconditional acceptance and empathic understanding from someone who is genuine and compassionate. Only then, can healing and growth can occur.

Ultimately, I help individuals to see how their past experiences and behavioral patterns may contribute to current situations and difficulties. I help people sharpen their awareness so they can use it to make the changes they desire in their lives.

With a background in psychoanalysis and creative art therapies, plus my experience in a variety of clinical settings, I recognize how the inter-connectedness of mind and body can be used to forge a path towards wellness. I also use my training in dynamics and object-relations theory to create an alliance with patients, through which we can work together to explore the underlying emotions and beliefs that affect one's mood and behavior.